Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Your Comments Direct Our Commitment, Part 2

Just when I though the last comment couldnt be topped, it was.

This coming straight of the comment card wall in the dining hall

If Towers dining hall and Campus Center dining hall were both professional wrestlers, towers hall would throw campus center into the ropes and hit it with a clothesline to the neck when it bounces back and the crowd would be all "ooooh!!" Then towers would climb that big post thing in the corner and backflip right onto campus center's chest and it would be sweet. Also I like the milkshakes. (signed with a picture of a skull and crossbone)


Dear Skull and Crossbones,
I am so pleased that you were able to translate the internationally aknowledged sucky-ness of the Campus Center into wrestler terms. Good for you. Only whereas CCDH is a wrestler, I believe that towers is a world-known cage fighter with training in martial arts and familial ties with the mob. Or possibly a tyrannesaurus rex.

Also, the milkshakes are good, aren't they?

I live on such a comedic campus


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