Thursday, December 08, 2005

Growing Up...Waayyy Up

It has become all to apparent that my grandparents, though I love 'em to death, are no different than any other grandparent. They fit all of the stereotypes. I first noticed this while watching a rerun of the Simpsons today. Homer and Grandpa are going on a "get rich quick" scheme, selling bottles of juice that make men passionate and pleasing for their significant others. As they drive grandpa delivers a priceless line.

"And that's what's wrong with your generation, now onto Bart's generation"

Ha-ha, ha ha. I know the feeling. Sometimes chillin with my elders makes me feel insignicant, theres always something wrong with the younger people in the world. That will not be me. Never.

Heres a political cartoon that captures my feelings:


Check out his others too with that link, or the side bar.

Master Procrasturbater, Theo


Blogger DM said...

Are you kidding me? That's SO going to be me, starting NOW. You know what's the matter with the next generation? They can't get themselves together! They've got one half of their life in their father's testicles, and the other half in their mother's ovaries. And even those who have got themselves together do nothing but suck titties and shit in their pants. What basis is THAT for a functioning society? Who's going to pay for my social security?

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