Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Super Hero Battle

Well I've decided it has become time agian for another poll...this time - Favorite Superhero. But I've decided to put on a new twist to the study. Instead of taking an SRS (simple random sample) of some large number of people, seemingly at random, I've decided to ask myself the question a large number of times at seemingly random intervals. After asking myself who my favorite super hero was 89 times in succession, I have drawn some rather fascination conclusions!

As can plainly be seen, there is an overwhelming majority of times when Batman is my favorite Superhero. However, my opinions are not unanimous. Potentially due to some outside factors, I once liked an "other" superhero. The hero was Mr. Incredible, the outside factor, the movie. However, when I am not watching The Incredibles my research shows that Batman is, indeed, my favorite superhero.

Why? Because he wears all black and is solid as a rock. Can you disagree?



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