Friday, October 28, 2005

Procrasturbation in a nut shell - Waste Time in a Crunch Time

Procrasturbation...the art of putting something off so long you're screwing yourself. I dont say "art" in an attempt to glorify the standards of something as dirty as procrasturbating, but more to give the doubters the understanding that it requires a well thought out, and even more successfully executed, plan of action. Anyone can procrastinate, anyone can-- well you get the idea (hopefully), but it takes a true procrasturbation artist to be able to put something off long enough to be considered procrasturbation, and not be phased.

(We will refer to procrasturbators as "procs" from here on out, to help save the author time, so he can get back to procrastinating)

On that note, WELCOME to the procrasturbation blog, designed to provide some interesting and moreover useless material to help fellow procs waste time in a crunch time. A new "pressing question" (ie. is it "all of a sudden," or "all of the sudden?"), complete with statistical results, will be posted upon each update, and other useless jokes and nuggets of knowledge will come at random -- the things you don't know you don't know, but may very well come up in the future, and damn, won't you wish you knew it? The most important thing about the material is it makes you think. If you think it doesn't make you think...think again. Think about that for a while.

"Some people need to go get an Ice Cream sandwich, [the master procrasturbator] needs to go get an ice cream sandwich"

QUICK! What hi-popularity online flash cartoon is that quote from? (link will come with answer, if you have absolutely no idea)


Post Script: If you were still curious, a sampling was taken at Perkins Family Restaurant in Flemington, NJ, of the "all of _______ sudden" question. "All of a sudden" is the correct response, and about 72% of those surveyed knew it. Most importantly, it brightened up their morning out. I was one of the 28%.